Stephen Terranova, Owner, Twenty Two Gates LLC & Creator, Wayfinder Journal & The Wayfinder ProgramTM

Heritage and Roots: Connecting Past to Present

As a descendant of the pioneering McWhorter family, whose arrival in the New World shaped early American history, I carry a legacy of exploration and innovation. Residing in Delaware, a serendipitous connection to my ancestors' past, I am inspired daily by the spirit of those who walked these lands centuries ago. This profound connection emerged from the union of my grandmother Rita Hytrek, a pioneer homesteader from Nebraska, and John McWhorter, an engineer and Navy veteran, whose post-war life in Delaware stitched the ancient with the contemporary in the fabric of our family history.

Childhood Inspirations: The Natural Educator

Delaware's rich landscapes, from the serene trails of Ashland Nature Center to the sea formed beaches of Rehoboth and the bustling creeks of the Red and White Clay, were my classrooms. Guided by my grandmother, these early explorations ignited a lifelong passion for nature and the lessons it offers, shaping my ethos and the vision I would carry into my future endeavors.

Visionary Leadership: Crafting a Unique Enterprise

In 2023, after years of strategic roles in major financial institutions and achieving my MBA while working full-time, I founded Twenty Two Gates LLC. As the sole owner and employee, I envisioned a boutique publishing firm that was not just a business, but a crucible for my creative and entrepreneurial aspirations. Here, I design and handcraft Wayfinder Journals—each product a testament to the art of manual craftsmanship and the personal touch that only a dedicated artisan can provide.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Wayfinder Journal

With each Wayfinder Journal, I aim to provide a canvas for others to chart their personal and emotional geographies. These journals are more than just products; they are companions in the journey of life, designed to guide, inspire, and document the user's unique path. My role extends beyond the creation of these journals—I cultivate relationships with vendors, champion eco-friendly materials, and engage closely with my audience to ensure each journal enriches their journey.

Literary and Creative Endeavors: Beyond the Written Word

Parallel to my role as a publisher, I am an avid writer and storyteller. My portfolio includes a novel, numerous poems, short fiction, and an upcoming children's book aimed at helping young minds conquer fears and anxieties. This project, created in partnership with a talented illustrator, also includes a pioneering art program designed for school curriculums, highlighting my commitment to educational and mental health advancements through creativity.

Connecting Threads: A Tapestry of Influence and Inspiration

My journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a deep respect for nature, and a commitment to enriching lives through creativity and strategic insight. At Twenty Two Gates LLC, I blend these passions to create products and experiences that not only fulfill the needs of today's seekers but also inspire future generations to explore, dream, and discover. My path, fueled by curiosity and a dedication to excellence, continues to evolve as I forge new connections, embrace diverse perspectives, and lead with a vision that is uniquely my own.

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